Monday, June 26, 2017

The Dame Rejects Experience


   Aki "Hurt" Kharmicel just dropped the final part in his Dame Rejects trilogy, TheLastChapter aka ChickensComingHomeToRoost aka HurtPeopleHurtPeople. Familiar themes from the first two installations are present here, with a new emphasis on the pitfalls of selling out and crossing over. Since his earliest projects, Aki has depicted a man versus the world; a righteous individual trying to walk the straight and narrow path in a corrupt world, and this project is no exception. He creatively flips the concept of pimping, so prominent in hip-hop, on its head. He boasts of his righteousness being a light that blinds the wicked - the shit talking throughout the album juxtaposes the puritanical message. While not deviating from the core message of his earliest work, Aki has managed to conjure memories of the classic Rap-A-Lot records, an impressive feat. This very lo-fi offering pays homage to the independent, home-grown hip-hop we all fell in love with, and captures the spirit of the music that went "underground" in the late 90s, when a clear divergence between mainstream and independent was made. While my rap heroes sell out or cross over, one by one, diluting their sound to broaden their fan base, riding on autopilot, or delving down the rabbit hole of failed experiments, Aki never disappoints, and his love for his art shines through on every project.

   With several more projects in the pipeline for the near future, including the debut Aki Khalaq & the Blak Prints LP, Natural Law of Attraction, which will be jointly released by Release Aki Kharmicel Records and Beetbak Tapes, Aki is steadily dropping jewels with no sign of letting up. Stay tuned!

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