Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kayer presents "Rewind a Decade"

Truly Blastin'

    Rewind a Decade, by Bay Area emcee Kayer, is the latest album from the underground artist who was part of 90s Portland group Forgotten Dialect, as well as Sub-Level Epidemic in the Bay, and is a compilation of tracks recorded between 2003-07. Aside from being a dope listen front-to-back, the album is notable for featuring a slew of interesting guests, from son of reggae legend Keith Hudson, known as Stressnotic, to P.E.A.C.E. of Freestyle Fellowship, DJ Vinroc. Jungle Brown (Camp Lo affiliate), Eddie K., Luna Angel, DJ Icewater, and probably most exciting, Project Blowed legend Spoon (of Iodine)!

    Kayer is a true school artist, with roots in the graffiti culture and a rap career that extends back to the 90s and that comes through very clearly on this record. A dedication to the the culture and positive, forward motion are central themes here. And while the album has contributions from several different producers - Vinroc, Cosiner, Stressnotic, Ian McKee and Jaz Jetson - and songs that span a 5 year period, it sounds cohesive and flows together nicely. With concepts that range from asserting his veteran status, to reminiscing about hip-hop's golden era, to overcoming hard times, to fun, party rhymes, the record stays varied and interesting, feeling more like a proper album than a collection of tracks. And, of course, the tracks with Spoon, Kayer's friend and mentor, are standouts, especially considering how little Spoon material is out there.

   The compilation is available on CD and wax (and digitially) and looks fantastic with artwork by Blaine Fontana and layout by Kayer himself. Even if you aren't familiar with Kayer's work and pick this up for the Spoon verses, I think, like me, you'll end up listening to and digging the whole thing. Stay tuned for future releases from Kayer, including the original version of "Metro Illness" and more!

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