Monday, July 6, 2015

The Return of Aki Kharmicel

Mr. Kharmicel

    Following his hip-hop horror story, AAAAk, San Diego veteran Kennuf Akbar comes with another offering as his fly talking, time travelling, soul sampling alter ego Aki Kharmicel on The Return. People paying attention will have already heard "Mr. Kharmicel", Aki's tribute to a Del classic, and the rest of the album is on the same soulful vibe. "Foolish" acts almost as a spiritual successor to "Smeared Make Up", with Aki chastizing the scandalous and debauched. "@ the Beach Circa 94", a tale of police brutality, was posted on Aki's SoundCloud a while back and is definitely a standout with Akbar in full storytelling mode, and a very nice beat switch up. "Musleemas", "Older Hedds" and "Cruisecontrol" are reminders of Aki's undeniable skill behind the boards - the production alone is a reason to pick this up. Akbar, even more successfully than the previous Aki Kharmicel album, transports the listener back in time to the 70's. If Jim Kelly's character in Enter the Dragon made a rap album, it'd sound like this.

You can cop The Return as well as a handful of other dope albums from Aki's bandcamp here. Stay tuned for Aki's next album Natural Law of Attraction set to drop in August.

Also check Aki Khalaq & the Blak Prints feat. Aki Kharmicel's contribution to the Reclaiming the Community mixtape, entitled "Red&Blak Roses" which "addresses the police abuse and harassment in the urban communities and ultimately what the end result of that abuse will be."

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