Tuesday, August 12, 2014

El Produc-Slash-Death Threat


Hey Folks, heard anything good lately?   
I compiled this for my own listening pleasure this last weekend and thought that I would take the time to post up.  El-P is one of my favorite producers and MC's, and I've enjoyed his claustrophobic, paranoid vision since I first heard a scratchy "Funcrusher" dub on my friend's tape deck back in the days of yore.  So here is the first volume of early works by the man, from 1994-2000.  Co-Flow non-album cuts, b-sides, remixes, production spots - all early El-P productions.  Noisy, cramped, and distorted tracks from the master.  I know it's not west coast, but whatevs, it's still dope music.

Track List:
Tatiana No Namida - Yasushi Ide
Hit Me With That Shit - Company Flow
Juvenile Technique - Company Flow
Dammit - Dominant Species
People Are Shady - Company Flow
The Fire In Which You Burn (With Intro) - Indelible MC's
Nightwork - Sir Menelik
Info Kill (Original) - Company Flow
Weight - Indelible MC's
Mucho Stereo - BMS
End To End Burners - Company Flow
Krazy Kings Too - Company Flow
Patriotism - Company Flow
Linoleum (Instrumental) - Company Flow


  1. Good looking for Dominant Species. Wanted that track for a while now.