Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Color Me Maximillian

Motherfucker, Did I Sound Abstract?!

Sadly I never saw Company Flow perform live, but I did get to see El-P when he came to town after Fantastic Damage was released.  He brought with him a gritty entourage of like-minded emcees and Dj's, including MHz and assorted Def Jukies.  The show was of course live as fuck, and everyone was on point.   At the end of the proceedings, I got his attention, and slipped him a few cd's from me and my homies.  He took one look at the covers, festooned as they were in images of weed fields and B-movie actors, and  burst out laughing.  Then he very carefully tossed them at RJD2.  And that was as close as I ever got to fame.  Here's Volume 2 of early El-Productions from 1994-2000.  Pre-Jukie days.  Noisy, experimental, and hip hop as heck.

Track List
Deception, Part 2: Turmoil - Blackalicious
Trapped In 3 Dimensions (El-P Remix) - Ice 
Bladerunners (Company Flow Mix) - Mike Ladd Feat. Co Flow
Juggle Tings Proper (El-P Remix) - Roots Manuva
Gametime - Sir Menelik
Workers Needed - Company Flow
Looking Over A City - Latyrx and El-P
End To End Burners (Remix) - Company Flow
Linda Tripp - Company Flow
Offspring feat. El-P - Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
Blackout - Company Flow
Juvenile Technique (Essentials Mix) - Company Flow