Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Avoid, Hurt, Maim, Murder

Chili Fritos

I never posted this up so here it is now.  This, the fourth installment in the CVE 2000 era canon of crappy-ass homemade CD-R's with the MacPaint graphics, is another album of gritty, digi-distorted homegrown beats and sick, sick, SICK flows.  The fact that such incredible talent operated on the absolute bare minimum; without management, advances, or outside producers, struck a familiar cord with me at the time, and is still something I find endearing today.  Nothing out there back then seemed as rigorous and ernest as what these guys were doing.  Next to them, they made other underground acts look positively mainstream.  
Next to Declassified, this cd was my favorite of the 4 co-released CVE albums (Declassified and Gotta Cumm Up came out along with Unclassified and Unreleased at the same time back in 2000), for a few reasons.  One, it had a solitary production credit by OD on the short Wreccless track "Virtuosity".  I tracked down everything I could from OD back then.  Secondly, it had a couple of CVE's strongest tracks in "Crack Kills" and "Simulated Show (Part 1)".  Just listen to see why.  And third, the cover art was so pathetic.  That poor old CVShack.  I couldn't help but feel akin to these struggling artists seeing a picture like this, done on a crappy computer at Kinko's, showing what I could only assume as their living/working quarters, which weren't that different from mine back then.  Although CVE had been going for a easily a decade by this point, it all seemed fresh and inspired and youthful.  Which is, as I continue to become more and more of an old codger, what I find I love best about hip hop.
I don't think CVE is selling these any more, so here it is.  NgaFsh, Riddlore?, Wreccless, and Tray Loc are joined by Rifleman, Latrenda, Shoshawna and a few other voices.  Never forget how dope it all was.

Gotta Cumm Up 1999

P.S.  I've been looking for the original Gotta Cumm Up from 1990 since the stone age, basically. if anyone is sitting on it out there, I would give you a kidney for it.  Just kidding...  Actually I'm serious.  Bright, shiny kidney here, folks...

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