Sunday, January 12, 2014

One From The Vaults

Uh Hieroglyphics Yeayah

So that was a short retirement... 

This was a project I started a few years ago and just recently found, dusted off, and finished up:  Hiero b-sides, productions, and guest appearances from 1990-1994, as complete as I can deal with right now.  Be warned, this doesn't include any of the Hiero Oldies, or the excellent Del Demos from the late 80's.  Also, it doesn't hold a candle to the crucial producer series posted up over at the allmighty TROY site.  A lot of this can be found on Hiero reissues as well, like Del's Elektra years and SOM's 93 Til reissue.  Pick those up if you haven't already.  Also sound quality at times is atrocious.  But there is some here that isn't included anywhere else (except on the vinyl of course), so there's that.  For those that miss that old sound.

Track List:
Turn Off The Radio: Ice Cube
Stompin' To The 90's: Yo Yo
Girl, Don't Be No Fool: Yo Yo
Ahonetwo Ahwontwo Remix: Del
Burnt: Hiero
Mistadobalina Remix: Del
Dr. Bombay Remix: Del
Eye Examination: Del
Hoodz Come In Dozens SD50 Remix: Del
Made In America (Whoopi's Mix): Del
93 'Til Infinity Remix: SOM
Good Feeling: SOM
Never No More (76 Seville Mix): SOM
Make Your Mind Up (Rock On Mix): SOM
That's When Ya Lost Remix: SOM
Get The Girl (Jay Biz Low Down Remix): SOM
Made In America (SD50 B-Boy Mix): Del
Me-O-Mi-O Remix: Cas
Later On (Casual's Low Down Remix): Cas
That's How It Is Part II (Feat A Plus): Cas
That's How It Is Remix: Cas
Rock On (Feat Pep Love): Cas
I Didn't Mean To Remix: Cas
If That's Your Boyfriend (Existential Meditation Remix): Me'Shell NgegeOcello
Take A Ride (A Plus Remix): Alphabet Soup
Give It Up: Extra Pro
Brown Sugar (Domino Remix): Extra Pro
First Sermon (The Town Remix): Extra Pro
Wrong Place (Casual Remix): Del
Undisputed Champs (Feat. Pep Love, Q-Tip): Del
No More Worries (feat. Hiero): Del
Catch A Bad One Remix: Del
Made In America (Del's Remix): Del
Rapperz Are Danger (Mischievous Mix): Microphone Pager
Get The Girl, Grab The Money And Run: SOM
Later On: Cas
Frontman (Del Mix): New Kingdom
Good Times (Del Remix): New Kingdom

P.S. I'm still "retired".  Just sayin.  One love.


  1. Don't call it a comeback....just call it a great post. Thanks

  2. good to see u come out of retirement bro!!!!!!!