Friday, January 31, 2014

DKNODEAL's Folk Hop Blues

So probably not a lot of you know this, but DK NODEAL (aka DK Toon for all you old timers) dropped a street-level album last year entitled "Folk Hop Blues".  This was not a release of the unfinished 90's DK Toon album of the same name, but an entirely different work, one that was much more realized and complete.  I was fortunate enough to get a chance to hear it, and here's what I wrote about it at the time:

  This [record] is spare, and straight to the point.  Beats are minimal (as in less is more) and rhyme styles are direct and more boom bap than Dk's usual soul-inflected stuff.  What's dope is that despite the combination of such angular and hard-hitting elements the album is quite restrained, and sober, and poetic; which seems contrary to the styles and tools used to create it.  You'd think with the beats and heaviness Dk would be inclined to thug out, but It's really a mature and elegant work, actually - The folk, the blues, and the hip hop are all present.  It makes me think of Jacob Lawrence's Migration work, with it's combination of historical reference, solidity, and maturity.  It's evident that Dk is speaking from a moment in his life that is a high water mark, and he can see his past and future laid out with some clarity.  It's introspective and weighs in on life's accomplishments and which roads to take in the future.  And Dk presents that with dynamic styles that evoke primary colors and strong lines. 
Awesome record, my hat is off to Dk.  I bump it daily, and I'm grateful that I can contribute my 2 cents in some way.

This is a pretty hard album to track down - DK said this was only for the Mom and Pop stores, and as far as I can tell, the only place to cop it online is at the DK-affiliated Feminine Hustle.  A link to that site is provided below.  Do what you can to check it, it's a world removed from anything he's done previously and opens an entirely new chapter on the artist's work.


  1. i tryd to buy it from there, no way ! can you PLZ post a link 4 it ? THX !

  2. I contacted DK on facebook and he said it will be available on that site, but not until later this month.

  3. I just thought I'd say I've been introduced to a lot of cool artists because of your blog

    You rock