Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I'm not old school, I'm just old.

So this blog has been dead for a while.  Chaos abounds, time runs short, and I no longer have the time or money or mental faculty to spend digging, critically listening, and writing.  Bring That Beat Back has been a wonderful experience for me, I've heard some amazing music, and more importantly, I've met some really great folks out there in the virtual world.  Thank you to the artists - the music I posted up here is among my absolute favorite, and each and every one of you have enriched my life and made the world a better place - and I'm so thankful none of you shut me down.  Much love to record-science, ghettotyylit, thethirdmen, thisisforthehustlers, straightouttadotcom, basementaddicts, and knowthis - you're my tribe,  keep it movin!  And as always, thank you to the readers, your comments, requests, and enthusiasm kept this blog afloat.
I can't say this is goodbye forever, but it is goodbye for now.  Be well out there, and peace.  


  1. Damn, damn. Can't thank you enough for all the treats. This has been a quality spot over the years.
    Also, checking your Bandcamp, where did you find those old Papastratos cigarettes? ha ha, amazing...
    All the best with whatever.

  2. oh damn it, it's not nice to hear that but life goes on. i have to thank you for a great time, finding great new music...thx

  3. Thank you,this blog has truly been a daily visit everyday..sad to hear the news...hope this is not goodbyw forever!

  4. Thanks for all the good music, you helped fill a lot of holes in my collection

  5. damn! Hope it's just an au-revoir, anyway take your time mate, it was a pleasure to read you (and talk to you) and I hope we'll read you again in 2014. Keep in touch soundbro! ^^ ju./thirdman

  6. Thanks for everything, mayne. All of the dope shit you've laced us readers with has been greatly appreciated. Take care and be safe.

  7. One of the best blogs i ever found.. I always loved it... Thanks a Lot!!

  8. I also think this is one of the best hip hop blogs!!

    Thanks for all!


  9. This has been my startpage ever since the blog started and will remain my startpage. hopefully every now and then you'll still post something...
    Thanks for the wonderful hrs full of amazing music and info
    take care

  10. Thank you for filling my requests! But I noticed that those were never posted on your blog so maybe you have a few posts left eh?

  11. sorry but I just have to ask a question before you leave us..

    MIC MAKERS-Sacred Alphabetism Full Length 2002
    SPECS ONE-Numerology Full Length 2001
    BALCONY-Magic Moments EP 2001
    BALCONY- Magic Freaks Full Length Independent 2000
    SPECS ONE- The Yeti Affair EP Independent 1999
    LANTHUNUM- Zero The Shape EP Independent 1998
    SPECS ONE- Mechanix Independent 1998
    BALCONY-True Criteria Full Length 1997
    M SEE EYE SHOCK- American Music Full Length 1996
    ELEVATORS-Elevator Music EP 1993

    Where can I found this? where should I look or who should I ask?

    Best Regards!

  12. Sadly a lot of this is gone, at least according to Specs. I asked him about rereleasing these a couple years ago, but after looking he told me he "lost tapes fa real"... However you can find Elevators, and M see eye shock here at beetbak.

  13. Thank you sir, downloading right now.

    That is terrible! Hope he someday find at least some it, or that someone else have it. I have a strong feeling that its some real dope shit.
    take care!

  14. thank u for everything u done! i still have to give u some lost tracks from the goodlife/blowed area, never forgot it ;) hope all is good and will be good!!Take care! best greetz from germany! rob

  15. appreciate all of ur thing before u leave, im lookin for elusive 'lost files 2004' u have it or know how i can get a hold of dude runnin flavafoyoear? much luv

    1. First, Imma chick. ;-) Second you can hit me up at bballnchic12 at gmail. I can get that for you!

  16. B-Loc U a FAG
    THX 4All JACK

  17. This blog has helped me grow immensely! Thanks Jack. peace brotha!

  18. Sad to hear. This place was my spot... I can thank you for turning me on to Ricky Pharoe. Hope things go well for ya.