Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Seattle...The Dark Side

No Grunge...

Times change.  This comp dropped in 1993, which to me was the year of the Great Upheaval in hip hop.  At that time, gangsta had outlived its welcome and new acts like Heiro and the Pharcyde were grabbing my attention.  In contrast, local artists like Mix-A-Lot and Kid Sensation had lost their cool and were the stuff of middle school dances.  So, by the time my I heard about this album, my ears were closed.  I was in high school, the future underground was in full swing, and local acts like the Elevators and Tribal had quite effectively turned the early-90's gangsta and r & b industry into a joke.  
I may not have appreciated this record at the time, but listening to it in retrospect I can hear the value in it. Here is some top-quality hip hop attempting to assert itself in the face of change,  And more poignantly, this is a declaration from Seattle's Afro-American community and a group of artists who were very much left out of the anglicized Northwest music explosion of the early '90's.
... Dark Side is a short record, but in its 35 minutes is effectively showcases an important time in the 206's long history of hip hop.  Stay tuned, I'll be digging deeper into the past soon enough!


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