Friday, April 26, 2013

Request... Beets & Parsnips Vol 1

Keep The Beat Going

I'm a posting fool tonight...  Okay here's the first volume, of which I slept on back in the day.  Back in '97, when this gem of a compilation was released, I was freshly back in the states after living in England the previous year.  Pumped from all the watercress sandwiches and blood pudding, I was still soaking up Europe's brand of hip hop like a sponge.  The future of rap music lay in Bristol and Paris as far as my young anglophilic self was concerned, so I missed out a bit on what was waking up over here.  It took me a couple of years to finally start paying attention again, but I did, thanks in large part to the infectious sounds of the acts featured here:  Living Legends, Project Blowed, and Hieroglyphics.  All that's missing is a Quannum feature, but you can't ask for everything now, can you?

P.S. Many thanks go to Sociedad Travieza for the link!

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  1. Nice drop I actually bought this on cassette back in the day, good memories rolling to this one!