Friday, April 26, 2013


Sunshine, Beats and Rhymez

Back in the old days the compilation album was my primary means of discovering new artists.  Internet speeds were slow, and the 15-second 28-bit audio snippets the online webstores had to offer were useless when it came to sampling an artist's sound.  This was one of the many comps I picked up back then:  I recognized a couple names I liked, and a whole bunch I didn't recognize.  Here was my first introduction to The Mountain Bros, Eclipse 427, Zion I and many others, in the mix with a bunch of heads I already followed like Latyrx, Medusa and the Visionaries.  From the dark ages of 1999.

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  1. hellyeah! this was always a dope album for its time, and still is.. I always wondered if Irie Sight or Stalagmytes ever put any other stuff out..? Thats one of the dopest tracks off this piece, in my opinion.