Saturday, February 2, 2013

Moonrocks In Ya Boombox


Bizarro and Nebulous came out with this tape back in 1999, calling themselves the Moonrocks Project, presenting some classic Cali underground at its finest.  Some of that unsigned and hella broke stuff.  The Living Legends crew were auditory and lyrical visionaries back in the day - you could instantly tell it was them the moment the tape started.  And even now those raw 4-track beats and blunted styles always make me smile when I hear them.  Compared to most of the output from the Legends this release gets kind of overlooked - as does all of Bizarro's work in my opinion.  Actually of all the members, his records always grabbed me the most; due to his everyman demeanor, as well as his home-grown beats.  You hear no shortage of either here, and it's just as much a rough gem as all his early work (Mind Sagas, Cartoon World II, etc).  Nebulous is a character I don't know much about, but he compliments Biz well here.  Eligh joins on one track, just to make things that much better.  Thanks to the late, great 5vemics forum for this rip - I wish I could remember the cat who I got this from, but thank you anyway - this is from the original cassette, not the expanded CD-R that was released later.  Greatness from the Legends.



  1. Hey Jack could you upload that "Feed Them Art" and Imiuswi's "Lost Angels Found"? I can't find them for sale anywhere. Thanks

  2. Brother, Many thanks for sharing this!