Friday, December 21, 2012

Request... Sir Romancelot

Biblical Proof Of UFO's

Request... The most cohesive effort from Circus, and the last completed solo project of his to date.  Beats provided by AAA; and although they retain the same essence of his work with the Shifters, they are more minimal and sombre, sometimes dirge-like in their slow spaciness.   Circus has a lot to say on this, and not just about conspiracy theories and UFO's.  Political views are expressed, and personal releationships as well.  His unmistakable voice is present, but his style has changed for this release, delving into oldschool deliveries and at times, an almost spoken word style.  Quite a sober piece of work.  This record, along with The Weather, Slanguage, and Free Kamal, were some of the most out-there records at the time, and hinted at the creative heights the Shifters could have achieved if they had pooled that energy and continued in a collective fashion.  It's been a while since they got together, but it could still happen. 

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