Saturday, December 22, 2012

Request... Camp Freestyle

Thanks For The Image, Wernon

Request... Here is the unreleased full album from P.E.A.C.E., Fat Jack, Ric Roc, and Supa Nat, sometimes called No Foreplay.  In my opinion, it's a much better effort than either their cd ep or the vinyl 12".  Sorry for the digital pops and clicks, that's how it is.  I had the intention to try to clean it up, but you know how intentions go.  Thanks go to the generous homie Alex for hooking me up with this in the first place!

Camp Freestyle


  1. dope. I didnt even know this existed. Your a gold mine! Do you have any of these Jizzm albums - Illasophic Vol. 2 extended ep, Unlimited Edition, Don't Even Trip (the ghettotyylitt link is down). thanks.

  2. Wow, I also had no idea this existed! And it's really better than their EP.

    Jackdevo, you have any idea what year this is from?


    1. Trei, I can't be sure of the date. I'm guessing shortly after the cd ep, though. Then again I didn't hear about it until 2010, so who knows? Not me, obviously.

  3. ahaha I appreciate the line "I had the intention to try to clean it up, but you know how intentions go."... I perfectly know... ;)

  4. does anybody know where i can find the tracklist for this masterpiece ?

  5. hey Devo,
    did you cleaned it up ^^
    another question:
    do you know where I can get this
    so I mean the real CD or Vinyl ... ?