Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Specs One's American Music

M See Eyeshock Runnin Thangs

The 206 hip hop guru Specswizard recently bestowed us all with quite the treasure:  His 1997 American Music tape.  Coming out after the legendary Crew Clockwise and Elevators, American Music is a departure of the previous mellow, jazzy sounds of those projects.  This is almost entirely instrumental, with only a few scattered freestyles and one crew cut (Eyeshock along with Erex the Exposer, Vanviesbrook and Oh Laslo DDS - I think).  The beats are frenetic and scratchy - instantly recognizable as a Specs creation, but with an unusually anxious and restless vibe.  It's been out of print basically since the day it was made, and apart from a handfull of tracks he upped on myspace back in the day, this has been impossible to get ahold of.  So feast your ears on this chapter in his long and varied history!  Link to the set below.

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