Sunday, May 27, 2012

Git On The Bus

I never noticed the reflection of the Elephant Man until now.

Here's some light, sunny, fluffy hip hop courtesy of young Bus Driver.  This is the debut solo single by this household name, long before he got all serious and counter culture.  I remember seeing him live around this time, and being amazed at how much his eyes popped when he rapped.  I was afraid they'd fall out of his skull.  This was during a tour with top-billing Abby, grumbly Awol, angry 2Mex, bitter Dj D, and eye-popping Bus.  It sent chills up my spine thinking about all of them stuck in a van together for hours on end.  I did not want to get on that particular bus.  This one here is okay though.  I long for the good old days...

Get On The Bus 12"

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  1. GEEEET ON THE BUSSSSS!!! nice vinyl! the kind of records that made me start a collection :)