Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Da 5 Footaz

G Funk Era

Da 5 Footaz' The Lost Scrolls is a guilty pleasure of mine.  Planted firmly in the g-funk soundscape, yet avoiding much of the cliched posturing and subject matter that drowned the genre; and possessing more clout and legitimacy than 99% of their compatriots, Da 5 Footaz could have been huge.  The beats on this album are deep and cavernous, punching away under smooth, synthed-out melodies and Dj handiwork.  The lyrics are hard, but not dumb, and the delivery comes as tight as you'd expect from these Blowdian heavyweights.  I hear vintage Acey in Jah Skillz' delivery, and Abstract Rude even makes an appearance on track.  Besides that, Warren G and the Twinz are frequent guests.  So why this group never went huge is a mystery and a shame.  
I was never a big fan of g-funk when it was a current commodity.  I felt like it was forced down my throat, and never could get away from it long enough to really appreciate it.  Even now, when I hear a song like the ones here, I appreciate it mainly in a nostalgic sense.  So, although I admit I'm no expert in the genre, I can say that I appreciate this album more than many others I've heard.  With Neb Luv and Jah Skillz, they would have crafted a great record no matter what the subgenre.  Their voices, their flows, the subject matter - it's just great shit no matter how you look at it.  The fact that they were part of Warren G's G-Funk Era is almost an afterthought.  This is just great, 90's Cali hip hop, and I know you know what I mean.  Although Da 5 Footaz officially consisted of Neb, Jah, K-Bar, Cobra Red and Knee-Hi, I think the entire crew only pops up on one track.  But Jah and Neb are quite capable on their own.  Give a listen to this overlooked gem.

The Lost Scrolls

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