Sunday, May 20, 2012

Da 5 Footaz Again

5 Years Can Be A Lifetime

Here is Da 5 Footaz official debut album, after the bootleg/mixtape/whatever/The Lost Scrolls material from 5 years previous.  2000 sound here, with a broader pallet to work from.  The music is updated and expanded, incorporating underground, new school, and hardcore elements to the g-funk formula.  Also, the entire crew represents a lot more on this record than on The Lost Scrolls - Neb Luv and Jah Skillz still obviously run the show, but Cobra Red, Knee High and K-Bar can be heard throughout, as well as MC Lyte, Sticky Fingaz, Warren G, Kurupt, Xzibit and Nate Dogg (RIP).  I honestly prefer the earlier stuff of theirs more than this record, and I think that has to do with the focus presented by the narrowly-defined musical style and the energy worked by the Jah, Neb and Warren G triumvirate that was apparent in their earlier work.  The material presented here is a little more scattered, and although all 5 emcees spit heat, Neb and Jah have a synergy that is hard to beat, and certainly difficult to maintain when part of 5 distinct voices.  
I know Da 5 Footaz have more material out there.  For example here's the video for the brilliant track "Gimme Sum" from some tape or something.  Hopefully more surfaces from this unfortunately looked-over crew.

Lifetime /Lifetime...


  1. THANK YOU! Been looking all over for this.