Sunday, April 1, 2012

Request.... Jun Dax

First Fresh Page

Request... Here's Hawaii emcee Jun Dax's fresh exercise in lo-fi genius from 2000.  For those of us who love that 4-track sound, Spills is a real joy to listen to.  Bubbling up through layers of murky overdubbing and background noise, the beats and rhymes Jun Dax employs come across refreshingly naive and youthful and un-self conscious, in a way that only a home-made cassette can sound.  The limitations of the technology back then required that a lot of imagination and ingenuity be employed, for both musician and listener.  Case in point, you can't just sit and listen to this tape; you have to ride the volume dial, and constantly play with the bass and treble in order to hear Kea's murmured vocals over mud of the low-end. In today's creative reality of inexpensive computer programs, virtual instrumentation, and endless overdubbing, the rough magic of the tape recording has become at most a novelty, and by most accounts the art form is dead.  That's what makes recordings like Jun Dax's Spills even more cherished; not only is it a singular work of beauty and wild creativity, but it's from a world that is rapidly diminishing more and more each day.  Remarkably, Jun Dax and her various bands (Private School, Record Players, INK) managed to hold on to this aesthetic well into the 2000's and various technological upgrades.  It demonstrates a real love of the art form and the sound of the four track.  Listen carefully, devote your attention.  Long live lo-fi!



  1. You can buy music from them. The new album of I Ran Y is very good and the new of Private School - There There. So people don't sleep and support them! :)
    For contact:

  2. thanks so much! been looking for this one!