Tuesday, January 3, 2012

...Of Proliteariots

Trying To Maintain The Real

This one was sent my way a while back from Daniel in Berlin - thank you again, kind sir! ...Of Proliteariots is a Hawaii indie supergroup consisting of John Tsunam, Nocturne, Wimbly Smallfry (of Lightsleepers) and StapleMouth.  My knowledge of the HI underground is extremely limited, but what I have managed to hear has always hit me in a particular way.  Like the state itself, the music has a immediately identifiable tranquility and peacefulness to it.  Not that Hawaii is all luaus and relaxing on the beach, but there is a definite sense of isolation from the insanity and brutality the rest of the world so loves to indulge in.  
Sonically this release is what I crave - lofi recording quality, sample-based grooves, drums, and tight, inspired emcees.  What more needs to be said?  Just that Amos, Omega 6, and Ceschi show up as well. From 2002

Blue Collar

P.S, check out the great blog The Thirdman, for the Of Proliteariots 7", also from 2002!


  1. Yo mate, nice post, makes me wanna hear this band today!! i just uploaded the 7'' i grabbed some times ago on slsk :)
    here's the link
    and... happy new year!!!

  2. Thank you my friend, happy new year to you as well! Can't wait to listen to the 7"...

  3. This is surprising. I´ve bumped this album many times before but never knew the crew was from hawaii.StapleMouth kills it!I remember how often I rewinded the song "patriots on parade" just to hear that guy spit his part from 1:30 to circa 1:36. Always interesting to read your blog, as usual!Peace man
    BTW Happy New Year!


  4. Trei, good to hear from you my friend! Happy belated new year to you as well!

  5. Anyone holding Ghesol - Chin Music?

    An upload would be awesome