Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ganjah K is Going Official

Oh, Happy Day

Ganjah K and Bombay Recordz sent Bring That Beat Back this message today, followed shortly after by a copyright infringement notice from Ganjah K and Bombay Recordz' lawyer.  Here's the Ganjah K note:

Ganja K is releasing unheard tracks, flows, B-Sides and entire neverbefore released records in Exclusive Limited Volumes through Bombay Recordz! These volumes will include ALL tracks from the acclaimed and highly sought after, Harvest For The World and the NEW albums, Possession Of Sales and Dankster Life. The unheard will now be heard by the masses. 

Stay tuned 

That is cool as shit.  I can't wait.  The Harvest tracks I had up were unlistenable due to the hideous sound quality, and it's been a quiet, quiet Hell waiting for a chance to get to hear that album as it was meant to be heard.  I just thought all y'all should know about it.  
The old links I had up for Harvest and Danksta life were removed as of yesterday morning.
Damn, but I can't wait for this stuff to drop!


  1. I hope that it will go on vinyl.

  2. Just a follow up, this is getting in motion. Stay tuned.

    Joshua Feldman, Bombay Recordz. Ganjah K's gift to the world. Keep up to speed on the FB page @

  3. Anyone know if the album dropped yet?

  4. So did these unreleased songs ever make it on CD? Sucks for us hardcore fans to hear that its coming out and how much time later still nothing.....disappointed doesn't even do it justice

  5. is this ever coming out???!!!!