Thursday, November 10, 2011


Where I'm From Sampler

From 2004, here's an interesting curio from Imperator.  It's not actually an official album - this is a sampler Imp released beforehand that features 7 tracks from the Where I'm From album, plus a 26-minute "Screw Mix" tacked on at the end. this mix inexplicably features a bunch of tracks of Imp's in one long file, tape style, while he gives endless shout outs over the top, all slowed down a bit.  It doesn't really go over as well as what was happening with the chopped and screwed scene that was so huge at the time, but whatever.  I guess the whole Houston thing must have rubbed off on him.  These tracks find Imperator's delivery more polished from his debut Evolution of a Man, and although it doesn't feature the million and a half guests that Evolution had, this sampler still a damn good record.  Imp brings that oldschool vibe as only he can, Goodlife OG that he is.  According to his website, there's a new Imperator album due to drop shortly.  I'm eager to hear how he's sounding these days.  For now, though, I'll just listen to this.

Where I'm From 

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