Sunday, October 2, 2011

No Introdeezy....

Let All These Suckaz Know The Name

A classic among classics... Here is Jake One and Kutfather's iconic 12" "No Introduction" from Conception Records back in 1998. The A-side features Jake's signature production - a driving, airy, infectious loop over a minimal, but effective beat; while side B is no less head-nodding with a smooth, subdued remix. The final track, "One Man Band", shows off Jake's formidable beat-making and chopping skills. Even back in '98 he had the gift. Conception released some of the illest Northwest hip hop, both past and present, and this 12" ranks at the top. Just as notably, this slab of wax shows what an accomplished beatsmith Jake was even before he became an industry name. Crucial sides from Conception.

No Intro...


  1. Thanks for the post, i only knew the work of jake one on Rhymesayers, but i'm glad to listen to this older 12''... that's good sound!!!

  2. Jake One also grew to me lately, man! Thanks for the upload.

  3. word! i just sold my copy of this record and i didn't end up converting it to an mp3 so i'm glad you had it!