Sunday, October 9, 2011


Nomad Nosirrom, Khazma 247, El Guanaco, HNS, Elohim, WD4D

Here's some forgotten greatness from the Northwest:  Cyphalliance, a group of emcees, producers, and deejays spearheaded by Khazma 247, also known as the one and only Khazm.  This was a relatively early project he and his MAD Krew was involved in (2003).  Executive produced by 247 and Nosirrom, many of the tracks also give Khazm a producer and emcee credit as well.  Stylistically this is some high energy, youthful consciousness mixed with a healthy dose of battle attitude.  It's some refreshingly energetic left coast music in the same vein as JKC or EX2, except that it's so obviously from the 206.  The grayness that permeates so much of the tonality of Northwest music (both hip hop and otherwise) is truly in effect here.  The cover sums the music up perfectly - a group of young men standing in front of a cloudy sky backdrop, as seen in the reflection of a rain puddle in a drab parking lot.  Perseverance in the face of the mundane.  I was next to ecstatic when I found this long out-of-print chapter in Northwest hip hop history, and I hope you enjoy it at least a tiny bit as much as I do.


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