Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Request... Traumakazee

Miss Cleo Lives On Through the Kclan

Request... Solid F'ing effort by the Kclan. Khule holds it down while Pterradacto steps up and stretches out as the stylistic focus. For some reason I never really listened to this one, preferring its rough-ass predecessor Kclandestine Kclassics, but listening to it now, I regret not giving it the attention it so apparently deserves. It's as sinister as Afterlife gets, with that signature beat style all their own, and both Khule and Pterra have never sounded so tight. This came out around the same time as the "big budget" Afterlife comps, and this one's got that same mastered sound. Mr CR and Daronnic guest, as well as other cats. Great, great shit. Kazee...


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