Monday, August 15, 2011

Request...Smokin Suckas Wit Logic

We Love You

Request... This is one of my all-time favorite records. It's got that classic GPAC sound, and Sach has always had the tendency to bare his soul when he spits. He obviously gave his all with this release, and didn't budge an inch from his vision. He gets support from a bunch of talent, including J-Sumbi, Zagu Brown, Medusa, Suga B, Imeuswi Aborgine, and his late rhyme partner Yusef. Sach produced most of the album, with Adlib on one track and Omid on a remix. From 2002.



  1. Oh, I thought that L.I.F.E. Gives was also on this album but no only on the Tag Of The Times 3 and his 12".
    Thx Jack.

  2. YES!! Thanks Jack! I can't get enough of anything GPAC. Good looking out.