Monday, August 15, 2011


Sach and Inoe

Request... More GPAC! This is Sach and Inoe Oner, collectively known as Name Science. Great latter-day work from members of one of the most underrated crews out there. From 2006. It isn't always as murky and scratchy as you'd expect, and it isn't always as abstract either. Sach's distinctive, abstract-meets-oldschool vibe works really well with Inoe's slicker, more menacing approach; and together they present a full-bodied project that is a lot more than just an outgrowth of Global Phlowtations. Hopefully they pair up again some time.

Name Science / Name Science


  1. True hip hop!! Thanks for the post, Jack

  2. this album is so dope. been on repeat since you put it up.

  3. Hey Sam! Glad you dig it! And sorry I didn't make it out to the show...

  4. wow, been searchin for this looong time, thnx!