Monday, August 22, 2011

On Some Old Missing Link Shit

Acidic Funk
This classic tape from '99 was my introduction to Neila, who I consider to be among the best emcees in existence, so it would be dope in my book just for that, except that it's also just a compelling and raw release. Acid Reign expanded on their sound with this tape, cleaning up the beats a little, extending the song lengths, and enlisting outside talent. Besides long-time collaborator Neila, Express, Ali, and Indiginuz lend their lyrical skills; and Pilot Rase, Rappin Ron, and El Nino join Dert on beats. This was also the first release that Olmeca rapped on as part of the Acid Reign crew.
I always focus in on Neila's contributions here. She's still honing her talent, which to me just makes Missing Link all the more fresh and vibrant. This is experimental music on every level - Acid Reign and Neila are exploring uncharted territory.
Missing Link

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  1. Neila got her own style! and she seems to be really cool (i talked sometimes with her via fb)... i really dig the vertical tree ep & "for whom the bells crow" is one of my fav song! nice posts!