Friday, August 19, 2011

A Journey To The...

Free Music
Short and sweet, this tape clocks in at just over 11 minutes, but what a great 11 minutes it is. Lyricists Gajah and Beond worked beautiful chaos with producer Dert and D.J. ESP on this rough cassette, distilling the music to the essential elements, making full-fledged songs only a minute in length, keeping the ever-changing sound collage going. There isn't a second of wasted time here. From 1997 (I still can't believe this came out back then, it's so forward-thinking). Check it out, and for all those who want to know what's going on with these cats today, check out The Thirdman, and also peep the review I had the pleasure of writing on Gajah's new joint over at Blown Upp Music.
Acid Trip A Journey To The...

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  1. Thanks for the link mate ;) ! right now i'm updating the blog with a short reggae selection and then another mixtapes & noiseface albums.