Tuesday, August 9, 2011


H-Bomb, Jake One, Vitamin D, Topspin, Wordsayer

I know that you know that I know that you didn't know that H-Bomb dropped a record. While you're still figuring that out, let me expound upon it.
H-Bomb, part of the legendary Tribal Productions crew Sinsemilla (H, Topspin, sometimes Infinite), is one of the most distinctive emcees in the Northwest's formidable roster of talent. His style makes him instantly recognizable; the slick, slightly nasal delivery, the stiff and angular flow, the rapid-fire punchlines, all work to create an emcee like no other. While part of Sinsemilla, he was among the top tier of Seattle's talent. H-Bomb worked well with emcee/producer topspin, and I was sad indeed when I learned that they had parted ways. Topspin has continued to spin and produce, but I had lost track of H until I came across this record by chance. Called either "The Ruff LP" or "Spontaneous Combustion", (I'm not sure which) this is quite a departure from the established sound of Sinsemilla. With Top at the helm, Sinsemilla was mellow, jazzy, dusty and stoned. Just listen to "Confrontations", my favorite track on Untranslated Prescriptions, to get my drift. With his solo LP, H-Bomb is able to stretch out, exploring new ideas and themes, presenting varied sounds and styles. Bean One is in the producer's chair for the entirety of the record, catering to H's style and lyrical subject matter for any given track. His production is crisp and clean, a far departure from Topsin's scratchy loops, and actually is better suited to H-Bomb's lean delivery.
As an emcee, H comes with track after track of witty and creative punchlines. He references everything from Pikachu to the Israeli - Palestinian conflict to Tony Blair, causing me to drop my jaw like a mouth breather in wonderment. Unfortunately his repertoire is somewhat limited (quite a bit of time is spent on the record either schooling wack emcees or having dirtay drunk sex in the backs of clubs with the honeys). But if that's how he rolls, that's how he rolls, I'm not going to fault him that.
From what I understand, H still works in the music industry as a musician, but I get the feeling he's retired from emceeing. I've heard rumors that there's a Tribal Music rumble in the works, but in what capacity I don't know. Hopefully H is going to be part of that, and if he ever returns to the mic, I know he'd be welcome. For now, listen to this barely-dropped lp, and enjoy. From circa '06 to '08.

Ruff Combustion


  1. HUMONGOUS props for posting this! As you said, H-Bomb is a phenomenal MC, not to mention a good dude. Can't wait to peep this.

  2. I'm glad someone out there is as fired up as I was about this!