Friday, July 8, 2011

This Iz How I Know

Family Man

So I'm very happy and very tired here folks, as I'm a new proud papa of a baby girl. Born on July 5th, she's awesome and amazing. Her 20-month-old big brother has been incredibly sweet and loving towards her, and we've been surrounded by our family and friends. So I thought I'd post up an album that I feel is in the same warm, fuzzy vein: Click tha Supah-Latin's debut full-length from '97. He loves his family. He loves his heritage. He loves b-boying and beatboxing and producing and rapping. It's a refreshing, positive, ernest, and so-uncool-it's-cool record. I play it a lot.
Akil from J5, Derek Strong, 2Mex, Big Al, and a few other friends appear; as well as Click's son Click 44 - he guest raps on one cute tune. Even if you aren't feeling as blissed-out as I am right now, give the album a listen anyway, because it's all that I said before plus it's bangin.

This Iz...


  1. Congratulations man and all the best to your new born daughter, your family and to you!

  2. Congratulation Jack! And thanks for the album..

  3. Thanks for the love. It's been a minute since i've released anything. I am now working on my sons album (Anthony) who goes by TEK tha Supah LAtin. His style is definitely more agressive than mine was back then. I can't complain though 'cause I think he's killin' it! We've started a label where everything we're doing is downloadable for free. Visit and share if you'de like. Tek's album is due for release 8/2013.
    Again, thanks for the love. click Tha Supah LAtin,