Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rum & Coke


Sorry again for the cover image; I gotta get a new scanner soon...
From 2001, this is one of the singles from Erule's Cold Currentz album. If you're familiar with that record, you know it's hit-and-miss at best, and this piece of wax is indicative of that. The A-side is probably the weakest track on the album, "Rum & Coke", while the B-side has the superior "Rise", although it's also a little lackluster. The legendary Kingborn Allah produced both tracks, and you'd think that a team-up of such lyrical and musical talent would create a masterpiece, but alas. I won't go into that here; I'm posting this up because Discogs has no listing for it and so maybe some of you Erule fans may not know about it. Both cuts have street, clean, instrumental and acapella versions. Check out a great piece on Erule over at Swan Lake, and check out the 12" below.


  1. do u have any ian from privte school

  2. I wish that I did, but I must say that I don't...