Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Drunken Style

Kingdom Of Wax

Sorry for the shit pic of the album, but my scanner kicked the bucket a little while back and I couldn't find a decent picture anywhere online so...
This is Kingdom of Wax's "Drunken Style" EP from 2000. I don't really have any knowledge to bestow upon y'all about the Kingdom, except that they have that heavy-footed, boy-band-hating, sleazy, inebriated, bullshit-free sound similar to Blak Forest or BassLineXcursionists. Speaking of Blak Forest, Shaydie 3rd Degree from BF makes a tight guest appearance, as well as Tony Da Skitzo, Faxx, Dj JFX, and someone named Timmy. 5 songs, plus 2 instrumentals, 7 tracks in all. If anyone has anything to add about this crew, please feel free to speak up!

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