Sunday, July 24, 2011


Low Tolerance

2000 vinyl from the Living Legend Eligh. This arrived at the tail end of his hella prolific and productive period ('96-2000). As a solo artist, as a member of 3MG's, Righteous Brothers, G&E and Living Legends, he put out more records and made more appearances than I can even think about right now. And by the end, the strain was beginning to show in his work. The rough spark and creativity of his early tapes like 4 Tracks LA and Back and As They Pass was starting to get mired in what I considered sterile, clean production and relatively heavy-footed flows. 1999's Gas Dream was actually a pretty difficult album to sit through for me. Which is why I enjoyed this single so much: It provided three of the varied high points off that album - and when Eligh's on, he's on - without having to wade through a bunch of mid-tempo drum-machine-and-synth numbers. The title track actually has a great, psychedelic and ever-changing musical score; "Soul-Man" changes things up by including contributions from the Grouch and Pep Love, and "Lifedance" features atmospheric vocals and guitar from Eligh's mom Jo Wilkinson and Robert Miranda, respectively. "Chronik" has an instrumental version as well.
After this, Eligh put out two sick, sick Gandalf's Beat Machine albums in 2000 and 2002, then sat back for a minute before the dope and inspired Poltergeist in 2003. I haven't paid as much attention to his particular path as I once did, but whenever I do hear something new by the Crow I can tell he's keeping his chops up. And seriously, his new joint Grey Crow is the sheeit. Buy it, all of you. But go ahead and listen to this oldie but goodie as well.


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