Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spittin Lingo

Midevil Who?

Spittin Lingo is a comp of mostly-bay area gangsta from 1995. A lot of it is honestly pretty forgettable. Back then the industry was over-saturated with such acts; you really couldn't get away from it. The original visionaries had already established the artform years before, and their success had opened up the gates for wave after wave of imitators to keep coming out of the woodwork, until I never wanted to hear another whiney synth or fretless 5-string bass for as long as I lived. This collection is unfortunately derivative, for the most part. There are a few surprises, however: There's the high-energy Frankie Cutlass track "Puerto Rico"; and the D.OG'Z track "Back To Yesterday" is compelling with their trade-off rhyming. Then there's the song "30 Feet Unda" at the end of the record. A scratchy, stumbling, drunkenly slow loop carries the song along for the three abstract, underground emcees known as the Midevil Hermits to wax poetic over. Compared to the rest of the album, the inclusion of this track left me scratching my head. Lyrics and styles are the focus on this track, in a very ungansterish vibe. Think backpacks. All three emcees are engaging, and honestly more creative lyrically than anyone else featured so far. The dude that takes the third verse is especially memorable. I think his name is Awol or Walrus or something. I wonder what he's up to these days?


  1. One of the first Awol appearances on a record, yeah! Do you know any more about the other dudes in this group, or any other MH tracks?

  2. All I know is another Hermit was called Lite, and he did background vocals on Awol's "Earthlings" track. I'd love to know if more was ever recorded by these guys.

  3. Listening to this classic track 'Earthlings', I think there might be references to the names of the other MH at the very end of the track. But it's very hard to transcribe Awol's shoutouts.

    Just an assumption tho.