Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Request... New Cephalic Music

Zomb The Bass

As requested here is Andre's full-lenth from 2000. Loops and beats are his forte here, although in a usually engaging and spaced-out fashion. I get the feeling these constructions aren't designed to be freestyled over, but rather to be meditated to. Skipping around the sonic landscape between world music, classic Mo'Wax, and dub, A.A.A. stretches out and experiments, letting the music take him where it may. Songs break down to ambient, heavily echoed loops; or become stripped of everything but the drum track, only to suddenly become full-fledged again. There is nothing here quite as complex or atmospheric as his perfect Asmarbeatsvol.1 EP, but nonetheless this is some great instrumental beat music. There are several standout tracks in my opinion, but the top has to be "The Force" (co-produced by Shea Johnson), a chilling, minimal work that utilizes a droning vocal tone propelled by a couple seriously groovy drum tracks. Great stuff, as you might expect from this particular beatmaker.

Night of the Living...

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  1. you're the man! thanks a million for this one..