Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Anacron Album!!!!

For your listening consideration...

In his first album-length artist/producer collaboration ever, the Unfamous Anacron introduces virtually unknown but immensely talented West Coast producer Josh Jetson. Both active members of the world-famous L.A. Breakers breakdancing crew, Anacron and Josh bonded while facing rival crews in heated battles, prior to connecting in another arena to create this impending underground classic.

Anacron's advanced and constantly evolving flow and songwriting talents pair well with Josh Jetson's neo-futuristic production style, meshing to project a clear vision of what the future of hip hop music will sound like. Covering an array of topics that range from the standard "relationship rap" to an open letter of gratitude to those that appreciate art, Anacron swings into full form on this album, holding nothing back in his lyrical composition and delivery, while performing breathtaking instrumental and vocal arrangements.

Josh Jetson's beat production blends new school craftsmanship with true school structure, creating an edgy and experimental sound while maintaining an open level of accessibility. Whether turning over an up-tempo club track or free-forming an oddly assembled time signature, Josh is without question a mastermind behind the boards. The exchange between these two artists is a perfect match, creating a back-and-forth cohesion of adventurous creativity that is unparalleled by any artist/producer pair in today's hip-hop market.

With an impressive line-up of featured artists from almost every vein of the West Coast's independent music scene, The LAb eXperiment boasts a revolving door of emerging new talents and seasoned musical vets. Notably; stand-out features include Brandon Jordan formerly of the punk-rock outfit KillRadio, as well as west coast underground rap pioneers Megabusive and Himself. Newcomers include Floridian soul/pop singer Sarah Jane, and indie/alt rock group Mirden (with Minni Jo Mazzola of television series "Parks and Recreation").

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Thanks for taking the time to discover something you may not have been previously familiar with. This is how the evolution of artistic originality continues...

Enjoy the music!

Reviews lifted from the press release and from the Bandcamp album site.


  1. Hey Jack, got a request for you. Andre Afram Asmar - Asmar Beats Vol. 1

    btw, thanks for all the nice uploads!

  2. could you upload astrobwoy comin up ep

  3. Anyone have this track "oh!" with NgaFsh? It was supposed to be on this link

    Manoemusicc (Anacron) - “Manoemusicc Productions” (compiled; various years)
    Features: MURS, Himself, Basik of Bleu Collar, Sunspot Jonz, One Block Radius, Black Walt, more
    Production: Anacron/Manoemusicc