Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Way Up To The Last Days, They'll Still Be Rappin

Something must have clicked when Mikah 9, Stract Rude, and Acey De Uno joined forces on All Balls' sick track "Knownots". It has to be my favorite track on a record full of favorite tracks, and this official debut by the trio now known as Haiku D'Etat did not disappoint in the least. It's evident they put their all into this record; and the same can be said for their debut album as well. This EP from '97 just whetted my appetite for that full length - I remember sitting at home on dial-up waiting for the lousy-ass quality mp3 song snippets to load enough to stream, and then listening to them again and again. It was a great, great feeling when I finally got my hands on a physical copy of this.
"Los Dangerous" is presented here in its vocal and groovy instrumental forms, "Still Rappin" is given a spot, and the exclusive extended version of "Kaya" (featuring P.E.A.C.E.) is present as well. It's definitely a high-water mark in the LA underground, and pointed the way towards future greatness.

Haiku Twelve


  1. Oh oh, you probably better not read, what Werner von Wallenrod has written about this record.

  2. What is really annoying about this record is, that it is very hissy. What a pity!

  3. Wow, Werner really is bitter, isn't he?