Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Great and Secret Show

Mix Tape Godz

All props to the Mixtapegodz for upping this one. Here's the OG promo cd for "The Greatest Show" from back in '96. With dark, smokey production from Mumbles, Acey fits the mood with a long, basically chorus-less abstract tangent that ends abruptly without resolution. It's a musical and lyrical combo that always leaves me feeling edgy and a little uncomfortable. Because of the producer/rapper interplay, the vibe of this track fits Acey's second solo record A Book Of Human Language much more than on All Balls, which had a more light-hearted and energetic feel. But I can dig that it was a wise inclusion on All Balls, at least in retrospect, as it pointed the direction that Ace One would take in the following year.
This cd features Fat Jack's great remix of the title track, as well as the remix instrumental, which ingeniously switches the time signature from 6/4 to standard 4/4 time. This is an interesting track, since it's probably the darkest music I've ever heard from the Elephant. He's a masterful producer who knows how and when to cater his beat to the emcee's style and vibe. Jay Supreme and DJ Moe come with the "Bar 9 Remix", which slows the beat down to a crawl, and pushes Ab Rude's vocal contributions up in the mix.
The inclusion of "Show Your Right" (another Fat Jack production) and its instrumental close out the cd. It's a great track (which can pretty much be said about anything Acey dropped around this time) that allegedly features Abstract, but in what capacity I can't tell. But just listen to that beat! I could hear that all day. Most of this showed up on the Revisited version of All Balls, but I don't think the instrumental tracks did. Whatever. It's dope. Listen.

Greatest Show

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  1. Dope mane! Beats are good to have. I'll try them today in the Freestyle cypha