Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Request...Welcome To The West

As requested...Here's another 12" from the 'Lifers. This is the classic track "We're Here To Stay" from CVE, Rifleman, and Busdriver, with Party N My Trunk" from Tray Loc on the flip. As with the Hip Hop Kclan/Easty Boys 12" from a few posts back, each side features an album track, its instrumental, and a non-album track . In this case, CVE's dark and sinister "Welcome To The West" is every bit as good as their album cut, while "Blood Is Thicker Than Water" is your typical 3Loc track - which means it's an over-sexed freak out. I swear that guy has a one-track mind.
I'm sorry about the variable quality of some of the tracks. I have a feeling this file was cobbled together from more than one source. But the music is all there. Here you go:

CVE/Tray Loc 12

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  1. Thank you! I was interested to hear if the version of Blood is Thicker than Water was the same as on his Limited Edition LP, but it's nice to see it's a different version.