Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guided By The Mass Men

It's Airwavable. It's Unbelievable. It's So Flavorful.

Acey and Ab at their prime can't be touched. If anyone tells you different, let them politely know that they're wrong. Take this 12" for example, from back in 1997: Kool DJ EQ's "Me & My Main" - one of the dopest A-Team joints out there. Although it's an A-Team track through and through, Abstract at first listen owns the track. His presence is commanding and strong, plus he takes the lions share of the lyrical space. Despite that, Acey's contributions are what I always find myself focusing in on. This 12" came out during Acey's formative days as a solo artist. He had going it alone for a few years by this point, but on the record he still sounds youthful and naive and fresh, as though he's completely in love with life. His delivery, his voice, his styles, his exuberant "yeah!"- it's like he just can't contain himself. With a voice pitched an octave higher than it is today, the boy could spit like nobody else and make it sound as easy as pie. He was charismatic, quick-witted and cocky, his lyrics a tangential and elliptical abstract acid trip through his introspective musings on everyday life, causing the listener to identify and sympathize while at the same time getting their wig peeled back. His delivery seemed written one moment and styled the next, equal parts mind-bending poetry and tossed-off rhymes for rhymes sake, somehow making everything cohesive and as close to lyrical perfection as you can get. Listening to him then, you can practically hear the bemused, half-bewildered, shit-eating grin on his face - as if he was just as amazed as his audience was at the skill and effortless grace in which he revealed the absurdities of existence. Acey is one rapper who never needed to boast to garner respect - he got it in spades due to raw skill.
Kool DJ EQ's music is perfect for these two rapid-fire emcees; minimal and quick. He works wonders with the mix, creating an almost psychedelic twist to Acey's vocals, which are double tracked and delayed, making him sound like he's jumping around spitting in the room without regard to the mike, just letting the words and energy flow.
I know that Abby Rude is conspicuously absent from this commentary, but I'd be up all night if I was going to continue. I know one of these days I'll give him his praises due as well. For now just listen to this holy trinity creating perfection on wax. You get vocal, radio, instrumental and acapella - which is great if you really want to focus in on the lyrics here.

Me & My Main

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