Sunday, April 3, 2011

Better Days

Conception Records Drop The Beat One Time.

I wish I had some insight to this release, but this guy has flown under my radar since I first heard this back in '98. I can't tell you where he's from, or if he's still in the game, or anything else. Not to be confused with Shaydie Third Degree from Blak Forest, this guy definitely sounds like he's East Coast, but he could easily be from Seattle. The dude's not dropping any hints either, as he name-checks Seattle, South Carolina, LA, and a few other spots along the way. I don't think he ever released anything else, but then again, maybe he did. Yep. I know nothing.
In usual Conception fashion, Mr. Supreme provides the beat for the excellent "Better Days", while Jake One handles produc duties for the flipside ("Uprising"). Third Degree definitely broadcasts his influences in his delivery (think Smif N Wessun), and Jake and Supreme cater their beats to fit. Actually, listening to Supreme's music you can tell he's a big fan of Boot Camp as well. In any case, the record is dope: This is timboot-stomping and infectious music. Once more, I beseech: If anyone out there has more info on this dude, please let me know!

Better Days/Uprising


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