Saturday, March 26, 2011

Request... Mirage

Kinetic In Efec

Request... The Kinetic crew really needs to rerelease some of their old tapes, because everything I hear by these Austin cats is quality. Here we have Mirage aka Big Soul's 2000 EP, featuring Tee Double and Icon from the Kinetic, and DJ Drez on the decks. Entirely produced by Mirage and Tee Double (I think), 5 full tracks are included plus the obligatory Goodvibe beat snippets. Another strong GV release - But then you'd never expect anything less from the label or the crew, would you?



  1. Wow! Not even 24 hours since I asked you about this one. Thanks a million! You're doing an amazing job with all of your uploads.

  2. damn mega upbullshit can you fix this when you get a chance...thank you!!

  3. I'm late, real late seeing this. But I'm stalling it google mirage512 for the new