Thursday, March 10, 2011

Psypilot Rase

Grabbing The Mic And Giving Them The Old One-Two

As far as I can tell, this Rase's only solo outing. As a Full Time Artist og, Rase released this tape back in '99 on his own Highground record label. It's some wonderfully rough and creative stuff. Deep, murky 4-track production compliments some truly weird and creative beats, utilizing distortion, found-sound instrumentation, and overdriven analog. Rase produced many of the tracks himself, with help from Dick Jones, Marlon, and the wildly strange acid casualty Triangulum.
As a rapper and lyricist, Rase keeps it personal and basic, which allows the strength of the music to shine through. He isn't out to wow anyone with his lyrical dexterity, he wants to tell a story. And as a storyteller, he excels. Lending support lyrically are fellow storytellers Smash Adams, Joe Dubbs, Dick Jones, Unbreakable Comb, Triangulum, and Neila. Gas One and Sidus Idiom (AKA Tapemaster Steph) also appear to lend their dextrous hand on the decks.
It's a great release, and just makes me wish more FTA goodies were readily available. These days, Rase is more known for his graffiti fonts than his musical output. Lets hope that some day he makes a return.

Threatening Myself


  1. Thank you! it's great!!!!!!
    Have you got:

    "Mr. Aeks - Savagery's Blunted Blade"???

    I've been searching it for many years..
    Thank you for the music you share....

  2. Wow, I didn't know that Sidus Idiom is Tapemaster Steph. Thanks for sharing this info. If you are also interested in a Triangulum CD I can help you out with it.

  3. Thank you, Meeee, I would love to hear more from that guy!

  4. Have you got:
    Jendor The Praying Mantis - Sequence 6 The Sad Planet??????


  6. Yo.. you can get "Sequence 6 The Sad Planet"
    Direct from me in digi pack'