Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nairb Jones's Herb Session

I never thought I'd get to hear this one. Probably one of the rarest GPAC fam releases out there. And from what I can gather after the first listen, it comes tight to say the least. All praises to the cats at Ghetto Tyylit for this. Thank you, thank you.

Get it here...


  1. thanx 2 this...
    thanx Ghetto Tyylit...

    great GPAC fan from Brazil...

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for Nairb Jones's Herb Session!!!!!

    Have you got "Shamen 12 - 12 Kommandments "??? I've been searching it for many years.

    Thank you for the music you share.

  3. thanks homie! keep checking Ghetto Tyylit, coming up a huge Masters Of The Universe post!

  4. can't wait for that masters post moonlitman. shamen has a few other tapes that are impossible to find:

    master piece theatre (1998)
    hall of fame, fortune & death (????)

    he now calls himself delon deville and apparantly has 3 unreleased albums under that name: parafenelia and 2 others i can't remember that titles of. i emailed him a while back and he was supposed to sell me all the above but stopped responding to my emails just before i sent a payment. hopefully now that gonjasufi has gotten them more exposure and the new A.I.R. label we'll see more of their old releases trickle through

    a couple other rare masters releases:

    retina (orko and others): phroetry (1994)
    masters of the universe: neuro-symphony in c minor
    bennie herron (eclipse heru): seeds-n-soil (2000)
    west kraven: the big worm series vol. 1 (2009)
    johaz: urban ministry (2002)
    bassment had a tape back in the 90's too, but i don't know what it was called

  5. the same thing happened to me also: I was going to buy two Shamen12 cd's ("Hall Of Fame, Fortune & Death", and another one, I can't remember the title) from one of the Masters (I think it was Infinity Gauntlet), but he stopped answering my emails. (not the first time this has happened)

    If anyone has the Retina tape, and/or Bassment tape, please upload. I've always wanted to hear those.

    I have both "Masterpiece Theatre" and "Hall Of Fame.." on mp3 so if anyone is interested I can upload them at our Ghettotyylit-blog. I also have a really dope Masters Of The Universe ep from 1997 called "Innercity Productions", with Matrix (aka Odessa Kane), Eclipse, Third Rail, Atom12, Orko, and West Kraven.

  6. Damn! I thought I'd never get to hear those shamen tapes! please upload that shit! I also have that innercity productions ep. according to infinty gauntlet, all the tracks were produced by a guy called Putty

  7. I'd also love to hear those goodies! Thanks KaliYuga!

  8. Shamen12 "Hall Of Fame.."

    Shamen12 "MasterPiece Theater"

    Masters "Innercity Productions"

    password for all files is ORKO

  9. damn, thank you!! i've wanted to hear these for ages. really really appreciate it

  10. who have this album, please share, thanks