Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Head Trip

Hey Kid, I'm a Computer. Stop All the Downloadin! Help Computer.

Key-Kool and Rhettmatic, aka the Kozmonautz, from 1995. Side A features the Remix of "Head Trip" as the first cut, produced by Ras Kass; along with the remix instrumental. The Original version is also included, produced by Rhettmatic. The og cut is entirely different, with completely different lyrics.
Side B features the vocal and instrumental versions of "Reconcentrated," a grim and shameful American history lesson with appropriate sonic backdrop courtesy of Vooodu! and Ras Kass. It's a sick, sick beat. Dope sounds all around.

Head Trip 12"


  1. ShoutOuts from Germnay, really diggin' your blog.
    Is there any chance you can get your hands on / post
    the associates - from the ground up / ubiquity 12" ???
    Been looking for this 12" for ages now...

  2. I got that...bumpin an exclusive remix to it as well