Saturday, March 19, 2011

General Inna Penetentiary

Selassie I Soldier

From Conception Records back in 1997. Dj Sureshot and Mr. Supreme on deck. Sureshot produced the A-side, while Supreme provided his ample programming skills. The Diamond Mercenaries show up to add flavor on the b-side, where Supreme handled all production duties. This dancehall-infused 12" is sadly all Selassie I Soldier ever released commercially. I say sadly because both the original and remix are truly infectious tracks. More dope Seattle flavor that went under the radar.

General 12"


  1. Oh, it's a pity that there is only the instrumental of the remix. The original has real cool beat. Thanks for sharing the dopeness...

  2. But wait, there are just some background vocals on the first track. I think I'm going to grab the record with my next order.