Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Request...99th Demention

Pledge Allegiance

Request... Here's a sick and wrong tape from Z-Man and Slim Goodsworth, collectively known as 99th Demention. This release is sometimes foul, sometimes hilarious, and mostly a combination of both. It's their second outing, from '98. If you know Z-Man and his passions, then you can guess what this is all about. I have to admit I'm a little ashamed at myself that I find this one so amusing.

R.S.P. Student


  1. thx bro !
    got one more request...
    you got that BAAC tapes ?

    Bay Area Art Collective* - Keep Your Day Job
    We're BAAC


    Bay Area Art Collective* - The Nameless And Faceless

    thx and a nice day !

  2. You're welcome! Sorry I don't have any BAAC - I've also been on the lookout for anything by that crew...

  3. could you upload gingerbread man halloween poison candy

  4. could you upload gingerbread man the candy house

  5. I wish I could, but I don't have that one!