Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Non-Fiction 12"

Sayid and Kendo Speaking From the Third Eye

This is the high-energy sophomore single from Seattle class act Bedroom Produksionz. BP is one of those great acts that could move the crowd as well as move minds in equal measure. MC Kendo comes like the man on a mission that he is, loud and demanding your attention; while Sayid's cleanly-sliced, sample-heavy production could leave Babu in the dust on his best day. His beats just make you want to move, to jump. Simultaneously the lyrics are a dense, impassioned social commentary where no word is wasted - definitely coming from a cerebral angle. It's a winning combination.
This is the last single they put out collectively, which is a shame to say the least. With such a strong output (no matter how slim) it makes me wish there was an album or two to cop out there for sure.
I'm not sure what these cats are up to these days - any info would be appreciated. Get your head nod on and your fist pump warmed up for "Non-Fiction" b/w "Temple N0.8". From 2000.



  1. Good to see you back Jack Devo! the link doesnt work for me. thx

  2. hey doc,
    Try the link again, might work now!

  3. Jack,
    it still doesnt work for me. :(

  4. yo man i finally got it to work. It was an error on my end. Sorry and Thx for all the gems u share!

  5. Sweet, glad it works for you! I'm happy to share man!